Magic & Expectations

Published May 10, 2012 by sashasilverwolf

Today my post might be a little bit of a downer to some people, but I feel it’s something that has to be discussed openly due to a seemingly wide range of misconceptions about the nature of magic itself. I’ve seen a great many of these misconceptions, particularly from people who are looking to purchase spells through eBay, and it’s worth giving you some information about what you should be expecting.

The first and most important thing to mention is that almost any spell you purchase (with a few notable exceptions such as protection spells, luck spells etc) will require some personal effort on your part. There are certain realms of possibility in life and if you buy a weight loss spell, then sit on the sofa and eat 5000 calories a day in front of the TV, you will NOT lose weight! It’s self-sabotage, pure and simple, and no amount of beneficial magic can have an effect if you’re actively working against it. Another good example would be a spell to find a new job. What if you have such a spell cast on you…and don’t apply for any jobs? It’s possible that someone will run up to you on the street and beg you to come and work for them, it’s possible that a friend or family member will call you up with a job offer, but actually focusing your energies and positivity into jobhunting is far more likely to yield bountiful, satisfying results. And a last example, when someone purchases a spell for a love affair or sexual encounter…and then doesn’t put themselves in any social situations. Doesn’t attempt to talk to anyone. Shys away if someone of the opposite sex tries to talk to them. It happens!

The magic may have presented you with the opportunities you are seeking, but you’re pushing them away from yourself. You have to be aware of your part in things.

As I tell all of my customers, it is highly important to stay positive after a spell has been cast. And yes, that includes holding a firm belief in the fact that magic is real and it will work. When we look at these beneficial spells, they work so very much better when they work WITH our own positive energies, rather than having to work against negativity and doubt. Aside from that, when you are doubting and down, you’re not going to see the subtle signs that present themselves to you, the chances that come forth for you to grasp. You need that belief – in the magic and in yourself – to recognise the blessings you are given and have the confidence to accept them.

Now, another thing that I’ve had a couple of times were people on eBay saying to me, “the last spellcaster I spoke to told me that this spell could take upto a couple of months to have its full effect. I know they were just trying to scam me so I’d forget about it. Does your magic work within 7 days?” Wow! Again, this stems from unrealistic expectations, sadly (not to mention being symptomatic of a severe negativity which should be addressed prior to any spellcast!).

It’s a fast paced world we live in today, but many wide-ranging beneficial magic spells do take their time to get to work. That’s not to say nothing happens for 30 days or however long, just that big magic gets to work with subtlety and in a series of small causes and effects. And if you think that’s just eBay sellers trying to have you on, take a look at any reputable Pagan website and see what other people say about magic. That’s just how it is! Waking up tomorrow with a whole new life as a whole new you would be fantastic but the universe changes at a slower pace than this. Of course, certain beneficial spells do get to work a bit quicker – but you’ll find these are often the ones with less wide-reaching or long term effects.

The next part I’d like to talk about is the extent of the effect of spells. This falls under “unrealistic vs realistic expectations” and for this example I’ll talk about a weight loss spell. A reasonable and realistic customer – most, thankfully! – will purchase a weight loss spell with a scenario somewhat like this: I have some pounds to shed for my health or to get back to my old size, and I just can’t seem to get the scale moving, or I can’t get motivated, or I’m having food cravings. This customer has the spell cast upon them, they begin to feel more energetic and more motivated, it gets the scale moving in the right direction, they drop 10lb and put into motion a healthier diet and modest exercise plan. For this person, the spell has been a great success and they’re really happy. Exactly what it’s meant to do!

But, there will come along the more unrealistic customer. It’s not their fault, they just don’t understand the nature of these things. They have the spell cast upon them, and in 4 weeks they are annoyed because they have not gone from 200lb to being a supermodel. A few pounds would not do, they expect the most extreme of results. And this, again, is not exactly how things work. Maybe they don’t have the bone structure to be that supermodel-thin, or the lifestyle, or a million other possible reasons (as well as the fact that being that lean is for most a huge time investment, lifestyle and committment). But don’t think this is limited purely to the weight loss spell. Take a career spell where someone expects to go from floor sweeper to regional manager. Or the money spell where someone doesn’t just expect to get that cash they need for the new car, or to pay the debt, or the home improvement, but to win the multi-million lottery jackpot.

The bottom line? Magic isn’t always going to bring you everything you ever dreamt of, but if you have a positive attitude and believe, it will bring you what you need.

The final area I can touch upon for today are the realms of possibility. Magic, just like anything else in our universe, has its boundaries and limits, even if they are not terribly easy for us to define or something we fully understand. But there are a few things that, it must be said, magic cannot achieve for you. The first, unfortunately, is a complete physical transformation – for you to go to sleep tonight as Average Joe and wake up tomorrow as Brad Pitt. Many people aren’t happy with the skin they’re in but magic is not the answer to that, and it cannot provide that answer. Another is physical teleportation. I’m sorry, but you would notice if spellcasters could send themselves or others around the world instantly. I’m sure there would be magical travel agencies all over the place and an end to aircraft pollution. Yes, I know that some casters will tell you that they can physically send you to Siberia or Hawaii or Rwanda for the low low price of $5, but they can’t. If you should ever buy one of these spells and it works, please do feel free to come rub it in my face. I’ll even give you my address so you can teleport in.

Magic is a wonderful thing, not truly understood and full of so many possibilities it makes one’s head spin just to consider it. Those of us who believe and experience it are truly blessed. But if you are new to these concepts, do take a minute to consider what your expectations really are. And if you are ever in doubt – just ask the spellcaster you are working with!


How Will I Be Able To Hear And Talk To My Spirit?

Published April 21, 2012 by sashasilverwolf

Today I want to talk about another very common – and very good! – question from new spirit keepers. Just how DO you experience communication with your spirit?

Honestly, the first thing to say is that this depends both on the person and on their spirit. Your psychic and energy sensitivities will have an impact on this very personal interaction, so when I write the following, please keep in mind that not all of it has to happen to you, or will happen to you.

The first type of communication is during dreams. You will find yourself visited during dream states by your spirits, and this is the way you will likely first see their true forms. In dreams all things are possible, all kinds of communication through symbolism, direct speech, anything. Even if you normally don’t remember your dreams, you’ll probably find you will start to recall some of these. Lucid dreaming often becomes possible and you will be able to interact more freely in your dreams.

The next type of communication is visions. I’m going to use this in a broad sense. Visions can occur in a meditative state – where they are often most vivid – but they can also occur in a fully waking state too.

Psychic communication – that is to say, your spirit talking to you in your mind – is also common. In the beginning this can start out very subtle and a lot of people can overlook some of the “signs” – spirits communicate in thoughts, pictures, ideas and emotions as well as just words. So, perhaps you have a sudden idea, and a part of you just feels it isn’t yours…that’s probably your spirit communicating it to you. Or even you smell a scent you’re normally not crazy about, but you feel a little rush of happiness. Chances are your spirit is telling you they like it! Of course spirits can also communicate fully in words and sentences for many people, and you can communicate back to them in your mind. Don’t be afraid to show them images or feelings too!

Auditory communication is less common but still fairly frequently reported – where a person can literally hear their spirit speak or whisper to them. Alternatively, you may hear sounds – taps, knocks, wisps of wind and so on.

And there are manifestations – both visual and physical. Visual manifestations are usually in the form of seeing orbs of energy, streaks of light across your vision, moving shadows, or for some very sensitive and lucky individuals, more complete or corporeal manifestations of their spirit’s true form. Physical manifestations can vary very widely indeed, and include feeling light touches on the skin, small breezes or drafts, chills or hot flushes in your skin, items being moved around the room or falling unexpectedly, a warming sensation washing over you…there are literally dozens more examples that have been reported by people and I could take all night to include them all!

So now you have an idea of how your spirit will come through to communicate with you. How can you communicate with your spirit?

The easiest way for a human to talk to a spirit is well…to talk! You can talk out loud, or just telepathically in your mind. Don’t be afraid to talk too much! Just open up and share your thoughts and feelings. When you ask questions however, LISTEN. Really, really listen, with your heart and soul, and be aware of all the subtleties. Be aware of any little notion in your mind. Listening is as important as the talking!

And of course another way you can communicate is through performing ceremonies or providing offerings to your spirit. Do this with your good intent and love in mind and your spirit will understand very well your sincerity.

I hope this has helped you guys. Until next time, have a blessed weekend! x

Ceremonies and Rituals in Bonding

Published April 7, 2012 by sashasilverwolf

This time I’m going to be writing to you all about the use of ceremonies and rituals in bonding with your spirits.

The first and crucial point is this: THERE ARE NO SET CEREMONIES OR RITUALS!

Some people will purchase their first spirit and get a huge welcoming ceremony to perform for their spirit. They fret about getting it right or wrong. There is absolutely no need to, because the main thing that spirits care about is your personal effort, dedication and intent.

Ceremonies and rituals have existed for time immemorial and have changed as often as the seasons themselves. So when you receive your spirit, you should feel absolutely free to change up a given ceremony any way you please, or to invent your own. This also leaves you free to incorporate your own faith and beliefs into the ceremony!

The number one thing is what’s within your heart. Use this to show your spirit they are welcome, you are excited to get to know them, you respect and believe in their power. The welcoming ceremony is also a way for you to introduce yourself to your spirit as well as honoring them. They are much more curious to observe a customized ritual and it will bring you all the closer together.

Of course, that’s not to say you cannot use a ceremony or ritual that someone else provides you. If you’re new to spiritwork then you may feel a bit confused and uncertain where to even start thinking something up, and that’s totally okay and understandable! There’s no harm in performing a given ceremony just as long as you mean it.

I hope this has gotten you thinking about all the ways you can welcome a new spirit to your home and the excitement of performing a truly unique ceremony. Good luck my dears!

Spirit Keeping: An FAQ

Published April 4, 2012 by sashasilverwolf

Many people who are new to the world of keeping spirit companions have similar questions! I’ve prepared this FAQ to help out people who are curious about entering this wonderful world. Are there any other questions you would like to see answered here?

– How long does a spirit’s binding last?

My bindings have two clauses that break them automatically. If the keeper of the vessel dies, the binding shall be broken. Also, if the keeper of the vessel does not touch the vessel for 5 years, the binding shall also be broken. This means that if a vessel is lost or forgotten about, the binding will end. There is also a Banishment ritual which allows you to choose to end the binding yourself, should you desire.

– Do spirits feel unhappy about being bound?

Some spirits would indeed feel unhappy about being bound to an object. However, many also crave contact with humans, and are extremely keen on the prospect of spending time around them, watching them, basking in their energy and getting to know them. Being attached to a keeper is something spirits like this consent to and enjoy.

– Is it unfair to bind a spirit to an object?

They don’t consider it unfair. Spirits may be bound to an object, however they are still free to move between our world and the higher planes of existence, they do not just sit around waiting for you all day if you’re at work! Moreover, spirits have a vastly different perception of time from humans. A human’s lifespan is a relatively short period of time in the perception of a spirit.

– Can a spirit leave me or become angry at me?

Generally spirits are very understanding of humanity and human affairs. When you disagree with them, they may try to change your mind, but have the wisdom to see why you think the way you do. However, some spirits are very proud and do not like to be slighted, such as many djinn. Insulting such an entity may result in them being withdrawn from you for a time. It’s best to always treat your spirits as respected companions, regardless.

– What if someone else touches my spirit’s vessel? Will this hurt them/break the binding/make them upset?

Any practitioner worth their salt knows that it’s highly likely that your spirit’s vessel will be touched or handled by someone else in your absence, whether it be a curious child or an admiring friend, and it certainly does not break the binding. With some spirits, it can sometimes make them withdraw or retreat to have their vessel poked or prodded around by someone else, especially without their keeper’s permission, so you may find they become a little quieter in the aftermath of such a thing.

– Can spirits grant wishes or cast magic for me?

Most spirits have at least some influence over our world, and can offer help in certain situations. If you allow them, they can also influence you – their keeper – and enhance your abilities in certain ways. When you feel you have a good relationship with your spirit, you may ask them for favours. They will not feel offended, and will offer their help where they can. Don’t expect miracles however – they are most likely not going to turn you into a millionaire overnight!

– Can I keep multiple spirits?

Yes, you certainly can. Spirits do not mind “sharing” your attention with others and are above emotions like petty jealousy. Certain spirits may interact together if you keep them together, however don’t expect them to become firm friends. They are there because of you, and no one else.

PLEASE NOTE: The above answers refer to the types of spirits I bind, specifically. They are not necessarily correct for demonic or evil entities. I do not bind entities like this, and thus the documentation is not relevant for them. Please be aware of this and if you decide to keep such spirits, be sure to obtain relevant information elsewhere.

I wish you all the greatest luck and success in bonding with your spirit!